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Grass Seed

An Introduction

Varietal selection is vital to the success of any mixture. We continue our philosophy of blending a selection of varieties in order combine as many desirable characteristics as possible within each mixture. A great deal of deliberation goes into selecting these varieties to ensure our mixtures can maximise animal performance.

We only include varieties which are best suited to our northern climate and ensure this by selecting varieties that are first choice on the SRUC Recommended Grass and Clover List. This in conjunction with our HVS (Higher Voluntary Standard) purity standards ensures the highest quality grass seed mixture possible.

Why Dodseed Grass Seed Mixtures

  • HVS seed assuring highest purity standards
  • All varieties SRUC 1st choice -Scottish standards for our Northern climate
  • Being an independent merchant enables us to pick the best varieties available
  • Mixed on site at Haddington to ensure the highest quality
  • Sound advice – to maximise profit and yield
  • High quality service, including grass field walking and sward evaluation

Our Grass Seed

Grass & Clover Varieties

All varieties contained within our mixtures are 1st choice on the SRUC Recommended Grass and Clover List

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Short Term Grass Mixtures

High production mixtures designed for maximum yield under cutting and grazing management over 1 -3 years. These mixtures offer high quality silage cuts with back end grazing or leys that require specialist management.

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Medium Term Grass Mixtures

Dual purpose mixtures designed for high production and longevity over the medium term. These mixtures are designed satisfy a range of situations depending on how the ley is going to be managed.

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Long Term Grass Mixtures

Permanent pasture mixtures include a balance of varieties ensuring durability within the sward. Our long term mixtures are designed to provide consistent levels of production over a 10 year plus time period.

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Organic Grass Mixtures

Premium range of organic grass seed and forage mixtures.

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Amenity Grasses & Wildflower Mixes

We supply lawn seed, wildflowers and other amenity grass mixtures for general use.

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Equine Grasses & Mixtures

Grass mixtures specifically designed for horse grazing or hay.

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