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Cereals & Pulses

An Introduction

We supply a wide range of cereal species with varieties carefully selected to meet local and national demand. Links to world leading plant breeders ensure we have access to the latest developments in seed technology and allow us access a wide range of varieties across different species.

Why Dodseed Cereals?

  • Scottish grown seed crops
  • All crop inspections undertaken in house
  • All processed on site at Haddington
  • Certified to HVS Standard where possible
  • Full traceability from field to farm

Our Cereals & Pulses

Barley Varieties

Our barley portfolio covers spring and winter varieties used for feeding, malting and brewing.

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Wheat Varieties

Our wheat portfolio covers spring and winter varieties across all ranges of the quality spectrum.

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Oat Varieties

Our oat portfolio covers spring and winter oats used for feeding or milling, including the latest additions to the Recommended List for cereals and oilseeds.

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Pea & Bean Varieties

Our pea and bean portfolio includes a range of combinable and forage peas included on the PGRO Descriptive List.

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Organic Cereals

We supply a range of organic seed barley, wheat, oats and beans throughout the UK.

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