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Brassica & Fodder Crop Mixtures

Mixture One

Ideal mixture for fattening lambs from early August through to December/ January. Will give a high daily liveweight gain with aftermath feeding for all types of stock later on in the year.

  • 2.0kgs Redstart rape
  • 1.3kgs Interval rape
  • 0.2kgs Massif turnip
  • 3.5kgs/acre

Mixture Two

This mixture will grow rapidly from late May to late July giving high yields for lambs and sheep. The Interval will give some winter hardiness and the Massif will bulb up for grazing later. Can be used to feed cattle behind electric wire.

  • 3.3kgs Interval
  • 0.2kgs Massif
  • 3.5kgs/acre

Mixture Three

Interval rape, introduced from New Zealand and bred in Dundee has produced great results in the Scottish climate. Combined with Massif turnip it will give an excellent feeding ration into the New Year.

  • 1.4kgs Interval rape
  • 1.4kgs Redstart rape
  • 0.2kgs Massif
  • 3.0kgs/acre

Mixture four

Excellent forage blend to produce Autumn or Winter grazing. Can be grazed off before and after Christmas.

  • 1.8 kgs Hybrid Rape
  • 0.5 kgs Stubble Turnip
  • 0.2 kgs Kale
  • 2.5 kgs per acre