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Andrew Grant, Riddell Estate, Lilliesleaf, Melrose

Andrew Grant has farmed Riddell Estate since 1980, which extends to 1,737 acres including a mixture of rough grazing, permanent pasture, rotational grass and arable cropping. The Farm has been run organically since 2006 and was named Tesco Scottish Lamb Producer of the Year in 2016.

Organic Grass Mixtures

Grass production is based on the use of clover and farmyard manure. It is managed for silage / hay conservation and grazing throughout the year.

The organic long term mixtures used are designed to produce early spring growth whilst maintaining the durability of the sward over a 5-7 year period. High clover contents are complemented by a balanced mix of intermediate and late heading ryegrasses and timothy to ensure seasonal production throughout the year.

Since organic conversion in 2006, we have been impressed with the advice and the quality of the Dods organic forage seed and cereal seed range which allows us to maximise animal performance.

Andrew Grant